Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Post from Email

This is a new experimant to see how this whole post from email thing works with blogger. I am supposed to be able to write an email and send it to my unique address with blogger and they will automatically publish it to my blog. A useful feature especially in light that is behind the red wall of death at work now(the list of banned websites). I can see why they did what they did. Internet is always a tricky thing when you are an employer (not that I have any experience as an employer).

So if this email thing works out, I may not have access to my blogger account, but if I felt the deep desire I could still post to my blog. We'll see how it works.

Yes, I am using the real blogger tool to do the editing. It seems that the emails that I send to blogger are interpreted either as plain text or formatted text. So the link above for example, was a link on the first publish, but it is that way because gmail's formatted text will write in the HTML in the background for a link any time I use "http://". I tried to send a plain text that had HTML in it, and that all displayed just as plain text. This means that I can send links, but they won't be pretty. One thing that is nice is how quickly it posts. Not a bad service.

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