Saturday, June 25, 2005

NECC - Travel Day

Today really was a great day! It started early in the morning, as the plane took off at 6:20 AM. That meant that we were at the Salt Lake International Airport at 5:20! I don’t even want to think about what time it was when I got up this morning.

Travel was good; there were no problems at all. We arrived in Philadelphia safely and on time. The hotel is awesome, and we had a great dinner at a place called Habachi, it was on pier 19 at Penn’s landing. What an awesome restaurant. I loved watching our chef as he worked with our food on the griddle. You could tell that those dudes really had to practice to do all of their fancy knife and fire tricks.

I am taking a lot of pictures, and have been shooting video as well. The only problem with the video is that I don’t have a DV cable with me. Maybe I will be able to find one in the next couple of days. There is a CompUSA here in Philly, but 30 miles for a round trip in a cab seems to be a bit farther than I am willing to travel for a cable. Hopefully, there is something to be found close here downtown.

Tomorrow we will register for NECC, take a tour of the city, and attend our first class on making multimedia presentations in PowerPoint 2003. It should be a good day, but for now I am going to upload this and call it a night.

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rfin said...

Congrats on a great sky shot, Joe! Glad you had an uneventful flight, a great dinner and that you're all set for NECC. I'm looking forward to reading your blog entries and seeing your photos (and perhaps movies).