Tuesday, June 28, 2005

NECC Day 3

Vendors! I saw a whole bunch of them today. The exhibit hall was large and impressive. Apple had the most classy and large booth by far. It was very interesting to see and hear what various companies had to offer with respect to education. Hardware, Software, Support, Curriculum, you name it, it was there. Obviously much effort, time and money from each vendor went into planning the exhibits. For the most part the representatives were congenial and informative. This is the first trade show that I have been to in my adult life, and I had forgotten about all of the gimmicks that various vendors will use to try and get consumers to visit their booth. Needless to say, I have a stack of software trials to evaluate, new t-shirts to wear, an assortment of mouse pads, and a stack of literature to read. The day was very mentally engaging, and physically draining. I don’t think that my legs want to move much more, and I am sure that when my head hits the pillow tonight I will be out like a light.

For lunch we tried to visit the Reading Terminal Market. I think that my OCD tendencies really kicked up the moment I put my hand on the handle to open the door. I felt so dirty. The combination of the smells of what looked to be at least 100 greasy spoon fast food ma’ and pop eateries, with butchers and their cases of raw meet, and at least fifteen hundred people crammed into the tiny aisles, my skin was crawling. That promptly ended our lunch attempt at the Reading Market, and we enjoyed a quiet moment in the hotel’s concierge lounge.

Dinner was quite the amazing experience. Morimoto’s Restaurant was fantastic! I had real sushi for the first time, well it was actually a sushi roll, but the fish wasn’t cooked. I enjoyed spicy tuna rolls, and it really wasn’t as frightening as I thought that it would be. The wait staff was very kind, and helpful to a sushi novice like me. The next time I eat at a place that serves sushi I am going to have to go all the way and get it not in a roll, but however it is that they serve it when it isn’t in a nice roll. It was fun to be eating in the establishment of a real food TV star.

Finally, we thought that we would go to the Premier Podcasting Event. However, when we got down to the floor at 8:30 or so, the line was just HUGE. The hotel staff was saying that there is no way that everyone in the line would be able to fit into the salons that had been scheduled. I am sure that the Apple folks will have some fun stuff to say, and that the people that get in, will have a great time. I will just have to live vicariously later through those people who post podcasts about the experience.

A couple more items:
- David Warlick used one of my photos in a blog entry, how cool!
- iTunes 4.9 with support for podcasting was released today.

Another great day at NECC. I can't believe how much there is to do and see!


Anonymous said...

What is going on with the podcast? I can only get 2 episodes..... Nothing much coming through from the one that was supposed to be on tonight!!



Joe said...

I would imagine that most of the people who got into the event are still down there playing! The hotel doesn't have wi/fi so everyone who is down there having fun won't be able to post until they get back to their rooms.