Monday, June 27, 2005

NECC Day 2

What a totally fantastic day was had today.

I attended an all day workshop titled “Video Compression for the Web: Secrets of the Pros” taught by Steve Pandolfo. I had no idea they types of things that one could do to make video look good on the web. We worked on G5 iMacs, and were using QuickTime Pro, FinalCut Pro, Sorenson Squeeze and Cleaner 6. For a topic that can get deep really quickly, I think that Steve gave an excellent lab that anyone with a basic understanding of computers and digital video could understand and appreciate. I came away from the class with some simple tricks and tips that make a big difference in how your video will appear when you finally view it coming down off the web-server. Additionally, I won a copy of Sorenson Squeeze for the PC, and I am totally stoked about it!

This evening NECC had its opening keynote address. David Weinberger, Harvard Fellow with the Berkman Center for Internet & Society gave the keynote address titled The New Shape of Knowledge. Weinberger gave us a lot to think about, it was full of challenges to the way we think, and encouragement to press forward into the modern age. Three points that I found resonated well with me:

  • Knowledge is the engagement in unending conversations

  • Conversation is a paradox

  • Conversation is a miracle

Much of what we learn has been acquired by “differences iterating on commonalities”.

I really enjoyed the things that I learned today. Tomorrow the exhibit hall opens, and it will be tremendously entertaining to see what the various vendors have to show and tell.


Anonymous said...

Knowing our household well, I'd love to have a conversation with you on unending conversations. (Would it ever end?) Oh, already a paradox! Oh, already a miracle! (No, I am not making fun of you by any means.)

Love, Kate
(P.S. Philly? How does it compare to New York? I leave for London in less than 48 hours!)

Anonymous said...

Great blog.... loving the little movies in the blog.... Very cool!!! Being from Australia I couldn't get over to NECC. I am saving the $$ for next year though. Just got into the whole blogging, podcast things. I am planning on what I am referring to a "BETA" projeect for our next school term (2 weeks away). My kids are going to be blogging away on different issues. Should make this interesting. I would love to get as many people as possible checking it out and commenting as we go. Given that US teachers are on a break now for a while thought it could be a good time to start. I see a bunch of potential here for education. David Warklicks blog about NECC has been great!!! Please visit my site at I am going to be doing some work to it today.