Sunday, June 26, 2005

NECC Day 1

First a movie, made using iMovie HD. You will need Quicktime to make it work.

This morning we got up, went over to register with the conference, and then had some time this morning before our first class this afternoon. Having the time, we thought that it would be fun to take a double-deck bus tour of Philadelphia. It was really quite a blast. Bus tours are a great way to get to see a lot of city in a little bit of time. The bus went past most of the historical sites, and the guide was knowledgeable and entertaining. We took some pictures and shot some movie while on the bus. The video camera is new, so we are still learning how to use it. I have never used iMovie, before, but as with most apple iLife products, I can’t complain with how intuitive and simple it is to put stuff together.

After the bus tour we stopped in for some lunch at the Philadelphia Hard Rock Café, the food was great, but the dessert was even better. Chocolate, peanut butter, banana bread gooey pudding with whipped cream and home made vanilla ice cream! WOW! It was pretty amazing if you ask me.

Our first NECC workshop was a workshop by Microsoft about how to make multimedia presentations with PowerPoint 2003. At first I was skeptical, wondering how on earth someone could talk about PowerPoint for three hours, but as it turns out it was more of a discussion on Microsoft Producer than it was PowerPoint. I had never used producer before, but am now excited to try it out the next time I need to make a presentation. It allows seamless integration of movies, PowerPoint presentations, sound, pictures, and HTML into one presentation that is distilled into a really fancy webpage. It works on Opera, Netscape, and IE. I was pretty impressed with Microsoft’s work at getting it all down to a super fancy web page. Sure, it has some gaps, but for a support program that is free to people who already have PowerPoint, you really can’t complain.

At the end of the workshop, Microsoft gave each participant a free copy of OneNote, their note taking program, and Learning Essentials for Microsoft Office, a new suite of tools that they are launching here at NECC. I don’t know too much about it right now, but I will have to check it out and update you later.

Tomorrow I will go to an all day class on making video for the web. It should be entertaining and informative. Hopefully the next video I post will be better because of the training. Also, tomorrow evening we will go hear the keynote address here at NECC and participate in the opening reception. Good stuff!


Unknown said...

Send me an email at and I will tell you where you can get a DV cable if you need one still, or you can borrow mine.


Anonymous said...

Hey man,

Your lens cap was made in the country that I am currently spending six months in! It caught me off guard, but I somehow feel a bit of pride in seeing "Made in Thailand" in your video!