Monday, June 20, 2005

Money Time Brains

A quote from Algorithmics p.191:

"Indeed, the reasons that people often fail in getting their computers to do what they want seem to fall roughly into three categories: insufficient money, insufficient time, and insufficient brains.  With more money one could buy a larger and more sophisticated computer, supported by better software, and perhaps then get the job done.  With more time one could wait longer for time-consuming algorithms to terminate, and with more brains one could perhaps invent algorithms for problems that defy solution."

Certainly something interesting to think about.  I just finished a chapter all about NP problems, it was getting depressing.  When read the first sentence of the statement above I laughed to myself thinking that the author was making light commentary on the intelligence of those who program computers, only to be put in my place when he was really talking about having more smarts to solve the NP type problems.  I win the naive award for the day.  Nothing about this book has been comical, I should have remembered that when I started.

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