Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Just Questions

What can you do to show your superiors that you want to make them proud?  Does it even matter?  It is an interesting topic, and one that I have been paying particular attention to in light of the reading that I have been doing lately.  I have spent the last week and a half re-acquainting myself with some of Orson Scott Card's fiction.  I read Ender's Game, and then started off on the "shadow" series which tells the story of Ender's battle school friends after they all return home from the "formic war".  The work is completely fictional; the essence of the human conditions described is real.  The struggle to make a place for yourself in the world, the gain use and loss of power, the want to please those whom control your life because of their position over you, the need to find love and acceptance.  All of the above conditions are addressed in these novels.  Being set in and around a war, there is a lot of opportunity for the author to explore these conditions in within the context of a "military" setting.  That brings us back to the beginning.  There are very few in this world who can say that they do not have a superior.  Depending on your views, it could also be said that no one is truly free from having a superior.  How much time do people spend second guessing those above them, trying to spin a story so as to make it more palatable?  Is it accomplished by being a good steward over those things that one has been trusted to do?  They are interesting questions, which do not come with pre-fabricated answers.

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