Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Code Room

Those folks at Microsoft sure are smart, not only in the way that they make their software, and development tools, but by the way that they market them as well. It is no mistake that they have so much market dominance, and that their products are so widely used. I ran across The Code Room today, and watched the two episodes that have been produced to date. The show follows after the ever popular ‘reality television’ format, this time with a geek twist. Find three or four developers and put them in a room and give them a programming task to complete on a tight schedule. The developers receive a brief overview of the .NET technology that they are supposed to use to develop their solution, and off they go.

For those of us who are inclined to program, I think we all can recognize with the frustrations that the groups go through as they attempt their tasks. It reminded me a lot of the experience I had earlier this spring when some classmates and me pulled an all-nighter as we tried to finish up a project. The best part is, that it wasn’t me in the hot seat. Though so far it seems rigged, as in both episodes the teams accomplished the tasks that they were given. However, because of the success the teams had, it really gives me some desire to delve into .NET development. VisualStudio.NET2005 is going to be jam packed full of tools to help people with a huge variety of programming tasks from the web, to the desktop, to mobile devices with bluetooth. It is really quite exciting.

If you have some time, you might want to download the two episodes from MSDNTV, and enjoy an hour of good coding competition.

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