Thursday, June 16, 2005

Back to Business?

If anything I have proved to myself that I really can read. Not as fast as some of my siblings, but a lot faster than I used to. The added speed probably comes as a result of the technical manuals that I have subjected myself to over the past year. I still can’t read those very fast, but the fiction sure goes fast. Just less than two thousand pages in a couple of weeks. Sure, maybe you read a lot more than that, but for me it represents something of a change in my reading habits. I remember as a kid in fifth grade, the assignment was to read that many pages in a trimester, I found it impossibly hard, and fought every page of it. This time around, it has actually been very enjoyable. Books are great. Science Fiction is a lot of fun, even if it isn’t serious literature, as my sister who is an English major would say. My feeling on the matter is that reading something is better than reading nothing!

The reality now is that I need to put down the Sci-Fi novels and get back to my list of academic stuff. Algorithmics is still sitting on my night stand where it has been untouched since I went on my Sci-Fi kick. I just need to sit down and dedicate myself to it. My goal is to have it finished before I get on the Airplane on the 25th to go to NECC. That is pretty aggressive, considering that it reads like a text book, with examples and practice problems. I won’t do the practice problems this time around, I am just reading for the information of it all. I’ll keep you updated on how it goes.

In the meantime, you may really enjoy Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Shadow series. I sure did!

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