Thursday, May 12, 2005

NYC Day Two

What a day. Here is a quick enumeration.

- Faith Hill at Rockefeller Center with the Today Show
- Empire State building
- Battery Park
- First subway experience as an adult
- Statue of Liberty
- Drive by of Ellis Island
- Ground Zero
- Wall Street
- First time to see a Broadway show in NYC

We walked and walked and walked. My legs are tired, and I got more than a good dose of sun. But what a grand time we had. I think that I like the theatre district/midtown much more than the financial district. Not only does it feel safer, but it just seems to be more “fun”. When our show ended tonight we went to go and get some cheesecake afterwards, in Utah, you would have been hard pressed to find any place open for business after a show.

Wicked was absolutely amazing. I know that I often say that I loved a performance, but, I also won’t say it was good if it wasn’t. New York talent brings musical theatre to a whole new level for me. The musical Wicked was an awesome emotional, sensory experience that I will not soon forget. Every element was perfect, and it really made for a wonderful experience.

If I ever go “touristing” again in a big city or anywhere that there is likely to be metal detectors I will NOT be wearing a stainless steel watch, or a belt with a metal bucket. After having taken them both off three times today within a 6 hour time period, I would almost rather just loose my pants, or find a less offensive belt.

Faith Hill singing "Mississippi Girl" at Rockefeller Plaza for the Today Show

Me at the top of the Empire State Building, shot looking to the South.

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