Saturday, May 14, 2005

NYC Day Four and Home

I will make tonight’s synopsis short and sweet.

- We slept in
- We continued our walking tour of NY, this time up to the Lincoln Center and Julliard
- We walked through central park, enjoyed the lawns, and went for a row boat ride. I particularly enjoyed watching my cousin and sister who had never rowed try to figure it out. They both got pretty good at it by the end, and I had a great time just enjoying the scenery.

Our flight out of JFK got cancelled tonight that we didn’t learn about until we got to the airport, so we had a crazy cab ride to La Guardia, to catch a flight to SLC by way of Cincinnati that we needed to board in less than an hour. Thankfully we made it just in time. Flying home always seems to take longer than getting there in the first place.

I am now again enjoying the comforts of home. What a fantastic trip I had. New York is an amazing city that everyone should experience at least once.

A picture of a pretty bridge in Central Park. We went rowing in that lake.

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