Saturday, May 28, 2005


It is always a good feeling to get some deep cleaning done. After I had done the Saturday morning cooking at the Grandparents, and visited with an old friend, it was time to attack the top of the garage. The top of the garage is an interesting place for my family. 13 years ago, my parents did a pretty extensive remodel on our house. Part of that remodel was adding a pull down staircase that would give us access to the top of the garage. Mother is afraid of heights, and won’t climb up there, but the men of the household are often assigned to get stuff up and down form the top of the garage, as that is where a lot of the seasonal decorations have found their off season home.

The interesting thing about the top of the garage is that in many ways, it is the ‘last stop’ for any thing that we may be holding on to ‘just in case’. Just about every member of the family has something in the top of the garage. It is like the attic, except we don’t have easy access to our attic, so we use the top of the garage instead. Mom and Dad decided that this month they were going to clean the top of the garage and do a ‘clean sweep’ of it. The project was outlined, and it was determined that if we did it in two half day sessions on successive Saturdays, we would be able to throw away a lot of stuff, and get the abyss of the top of the garage clean.

Today my father and I climbed up the stairway and carefully pulled down each and every box, and item from the west side. Once it was on the ground, Mom and Dad went through a mini version of clean sweep, and then the non-throw away stuff made its way back to its home for the next several years until we decide it is time to do another throw away spree. What is exciting to me is that before today you couldn’t climb around up there it was so chalk full of stuff, and now there is a clean path!

Here’s to organization and spring cleaning.


Unknown said...

Hey Joe, glad to see you're making good use of your weekends... just one thing... attic == storageSpace, attack == burninatingPeasants.

Keep up the good work,


Joe said...

How embarassing. Again, I prove to the world that I can't spell. Thanks for the pointer!