Monday, April 11, 2005

Three Quarters - Again

Six months later...

That is right, four more weeks, and spring semester 2005 will be over and done with. You may get tired of my little countdown, but it is one of the ways that I remind myself of how far I have gone, and the little tiny bit that I have left to do. Yes, the projects, assignments, and exams will be significant; but hey, I have made it this far right? In many ways, last week was pretty relaxed as far as school went. Sure, I took an exam and a quiz, but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. This week will be a bit more strenuous. I have an assignment to complete in Linear Algebra; an assignment due tomorrow in Computer Organization, and our group will start programming our chat agent in Software Practice. I enjoyed the luxury of not living in the math center last week, but I think that this week I will be back on campus.

It seems that I am beginning to find a trend in my feelings as the end of the semester closes in on me. Here is my blog entry being at 12/16 weeks from fall semester. Sound familiar? It sure feels that way. The only difference is that there aren’t any holidays this time around, spring break is behind us, and the next break is “reading day” which is the last school day of the semester before finals begin. Soon enough there will be time to read, relax, play, and do all of those things that there just aren’t time to do during the school year.

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Anonymous said...

Admittedly, I never go to the library unless some sort of necessity implies that I must. Here I am at BYU's HBLL and I emphathize with you, dear Joe: it soon shall be over. This paper will be over tonight. This semester will be over TUESDAY. (Should we acknowledge that summer is indeed 1/3 of the year? What a relief!) Good Luck!