Tuesday, April 19, 2005


I almost ran out of gasoline while driving home from the math center this evening. That would have been a first with this car. The light has been on for several days, but I kept telling myself that I had a few more miles left. However, when the car started to die on North Campus drive at quarter to one in the morning, I started to panic. Anyway, I managed to make it to the local gas station on fumes and a prayer, only to find that the punishment for my neglect would come at the price tag of the gasoline.

Maybe you are accustomed to gasoline prices like this. I haven’t purchased gas for three weeks, and this came as a major shock. Never in my life have I spent $30.00 on a tank of gasoline! I remember living in California, when once we paid $2.10/gal, and I thought that was astronomical. Something in this nation needs to change, and it needs to change quickly.

This is enough to make me seriously consider public transportation and a bicycle. I don’t make enough money to support prices like that. I don’t think that many Americans can truly afford such prices for the good ‘ol petrol. I guess this isn’t the forum or time for a discussion on US oil policy, or debate about alternative sources of energy… though it would make for an interesting conversation.

Heaven help us all!

Oh… and school is chugging along. There is a lot to do this week, if I keep at it, maybe I will get it all accomplished.

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