Saturday, April 09, 2005

Scholarship Concert

Still not feeling very homework oriented tonight, I heard from a friend that the University of Utah School of Music was having the second night of their Scholarship Concert, in which they would be performing Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. Deciding that Computer Organization can wait for a few more hours, I decided that I should take advantage of the opportunity to see the ninth symphony live.

I wasn’t disappointed! Being somewhat familiar with the music already, I knew what to expect, however seeing it live really adds an additional element that makes it all the more entertaining and fascinating to hear. Watching the conductor, musicians, and feeling the piece as it evolves is really an experience. Of course the fourth movement of the symphony is the one that everyone wants to get to (for those challenged by classical music, this movement is often called “Ode to Joy”), but the other movements were well done, and I was again left with a sense of wonderment and awe that Beethoven composed the whole thing while deaf. So, back in fourth movement land, I have to say that the soloists did an excellent job, especially the soprano. She was right on! The balance between the chorus and the orchestra was also very well done. They complemented each other perfectly, and there are few things worse at a concert than unbalanced choir and orchestra, so it really was a great experience.

If you ever have the chance to see this work performed live, I would highly recommend it. And now that I have got the “I don’t want to do homework” out of my blood, I will go and tend to my educational responsibilities.

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