Monday, April 25, 2005

isPalindrome() revisited

The Internet is an interesting beast. If anything, it gives one the opportunity to drown in information. A simple search for palindrome will easily return 884,000 websites that google thinks may interest a person searching for that topic. Several months ago, I wrote a blog entry that talked about an assignment I had been working on in a class. We had been assigned to write a recursive method in Java that would determine if a given string of characters was a palindrome. It was a fun algorithm to figure out and write, but at the same time, I didn’t find a lot of helpful information about recursive palindrome functions on the Internet, so I posted my solution along with that of a friend for the sake of having contrast.

Interestingly enough, I wrote a blog entry that spoke about recursion, where I first learned about it, talked a bit about Scheme, and some of the most pertinent points to writing recursive functions. Then at the very bottom of the entry, I posted a link to my recursive palindrome solution written in Java. This is what I think is funny. Of the things that people link to my site over, it is something having to do with palindromes, however, less than half of the people who make it to the blog entry actually follow the link to the solution. So, either there are whole bunches of people doing searches for recursive palindrome methods who just want to know about how it works, OR there are a bunch of lazy people, who cant read to the bottom of a page of text to get an answer. You be the judge.

Just for good measure, here is the answer to the palindrome solution again. Lets just call it an experiment. How many searchers will read to the bottom and click on the link giving them their precious answer they are searching for? Time will tell.

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