Thursday, April 14, 2005


Thursday marks the last day of the school week for me. Not that I won’t have to do a significant amount of studying once all is said and done though. This weekend I need to contend with an assignment in computer organization, linear algebra, and the great group project. If anything, at least I can count on the fact that each 24 hours ticks away another day. As the semester winds down it feels like it is just winding up. Each professor is to the point where he/she realizes that there are only a few lectures left, and that they still have volumes that they want to cover. The end result being that more information is presented in a less thorough manner, all in hopes that the student can glean something from it, and make enough sense of it to be able to take the final. This is the way it has always been, and I don’t suppose that it will change anytime soon. In the meantime the weather outside gets nicer and every student dreams of how great it will be to spend the weekend playing, rather than studying.

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