Sunday, March 20, 2005

Yahoo and flickr

It was announced today that flickr and its parent company ludicorp are being acquired by Yahoo. As I have followed the thread of comments on a flickr message board, it has been interesting to note the way people are reacting to the news. Some mention that from a software development perspective, that being acquired by a large corporation such as Yahoo would be a dream come true. Others, worry about what a homogenized Yahoo/flickr would become. Will it be pulled off with the same spirit as the Google acquirement of Blogger?

As far as web applications and online communities, I have been deeply impressed with the show that the flickr folks have put on for the last year. They have built an application whose user interface is easy to use, and community is supportive and addicting. Oh, and did I mention that it looks good too?

Today’s announcement strikes me with mixed feelings. The developers at ludicorp indeed have something to celebrate, but after the contracts are signed will flickr still remain the great piece of software that they designed it to be? Yahoo certainly has the means to take care of flickr, I just hope that it doesn’t become too homogenized. I hope that the product remains open, clean, simple, easy to use, and community driven, but time will tell.

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