Friday, March 11, 2005

Welcome Spring Break

Well spring break has arrived, though not quite with the exuberance that I wished. Yes, that means that there is still homework that I will be working on over the next week. Yes, it also means that I don’t think that I gave my greatest performance on the math exam that I took yesterday evening. As my tutor suggested, I should have studied harder, done more practice problems, and just done more to get the general understanding. I don’t think that all hope is lost for the class, but I do know that the return from spring break will be difficult. I am going to have to suck up the fact that my exam performance yesterday was less than stellar, and move on.

As an effort toward moving on, I decided that I would golf this morning. It was a pretty late night last night, but I still woke up bright and early. I was on the course by 8:30, and having not been golfing in several months, it was really a liberating experience. I only had time to play the first four holes, but that was better than nothing. Hopefully, I will be able to make some time to get back up there again in the next week.

It will be nice to take the next week to rest and recommit myself to my education. I will work on my homework assignments, and just submit myself to Linear Algebra. Perhaps, if I stop fighting it, I will better be able to study and get better marks.

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