Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Student Body Elections II

The polls are open today and tomorrow for the ASUU student elections. A week ago I wrote about how I couldn’t decide whom to vote for, mostly because the platforms looked so similar. An anonymous commenter to this blog told me that he voted for Pink(who happen to have a new website - still flash though), because they have been influential in lobbying for keeping tuition low. I suppose that lowered tuition is a worthy cause, but again, isn’t keeping tuition reasonable a constant on the ASUU platform? I still feel very much like I am just voting to give someone a full tuition stipend, along with a nice resume item.

It has been interesting to read the commentary in the Chrony about the elections. As on any university campus there are a lot of opinions. The ‘involved’ telling the ‘uninvolved’ that the solution is participation, and that if students want more choices then the ‘uninvolved’ need to get up and make something happen. Conversely, there are the voices of the ‘uninvolved’ saying that it is impossible to fight the machine of wealth and popularity. I can see it from both sides. I know that the student associations are well meaning, but perhaps the population is too segmented to expect full unity.

I thought that the primary election results were interesting. Four thousand seventy one votes, on a campus with enrollment exceeding twenty five thousand. Does that mean that the real vote is the vote of apathy? Can a student association that only has the support of sixteen percent of the student population really do anything? Yes, very black and white thinking, but I think that we need to do a lot more than say “We support you the students”, “We want to bring the campus community together”. HOW? I think that crimson nights is a step in the right direction, but it seems there is a lot more that could still be done.

I cast my vote this morning for the party that I would like to see in office. I just hope that they live up to their many campaign promises. However, if they don’t, there will be another group promising the same thing next year.

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