Tuesday, March 08, 2005

On Break

It is time for a little break as I sit here in the “fishbowl”(more about the fishbowl sometime later) trying to muster the strength and courage to attack the pile of studying that I need to do. As one of my professors says “time is your most valuable asset”. One more day of classes and I will be on Spring break. It is about this time of year, when the weather starts to get nicer that students who have been walled up for hours and hours have to recommit themselves to their studies, and remember what it is all about. I think that spring break serves as a moment to bring sanity back into the lives of students who have been pouring their lives into coursework for nine weeks. With a week off, taking a much deserved break, and in my case escaping my “CS nerd tendencies” will give me just what I need so that I will be able to come back and give it my all again. As much as I would like to say that I have respected every minute of my "valueable time", if I didn't take some time to slow the pace occasionally, I think the efficiency of my work would decrease.

The classes today just seemed to crawl along, and the homework piles just felt like they were getting deeper and deeper. Sadly as I sat in the student union with some classmates after my morning class, I didn’t even want to open the books and start working on any of three assignments. The classes are still interesting, and the homework is doable, but I am just tired. Though I don’t have any fantastic plans for spring break, and no, I haven’t made a non-school to-do list, I am very much looking forward to letting life slow down a bit.

There are only three small issues that could throw a cog in the spring break relaxation plan.
- A CS group project that will be assigned on Thursday (with any luck we won’t have to work over the break, but if we do… so much for rest)
- A math assignment due on the Tuesday we get back from the break (finishing this is entirely within my control, I just have to make myself do it now if I want the break)
-A CS assignment about logic chip design. (again, if I finish this week I am home free, but it is due on Tuesday when I return from the break)

The constant is that life keeps going. We all have our moments; the goal would be to minimize the bad ones.


Jon Featherstone said...

Funny how Spring "Break" doesn't seem like much of a break after you consider what needs to be done by the time you get back.

if(you == csMajor){

Joe said...

how sad...
Can we pretend it is a farce, and not the truth?

Hey, this week has been slightly kinder than the last several have been. I wasn't at the library until midnight. But then again, I didn't do all the math that I could have!