Friday, March 18, 2005


Yesterday was a pretty good day. I have always enjoyed my meetings with my academic advisor at school. She has always been kind, professional, and informative. It was exciting to see that I now have a file with the school of computing, but more exciting than having a file was to see that I am completely finished with my general education. Everything I take from here on out is to finish my major. We spent some time yesterday discussing what classes I should take in the fall, and it looks like I will be taking my first CS electives. It will be fun to put some of my new knowledge to more advanced applications.

It seems that my love hate relationship with math is to continue, which really means that I really need to decide that I love it more than I hate it. I have taken so many math classes that finishing the minor shouldn’t even be a question. Settling with mathematics would be nice; I have fought it since grade school. I thought that I had conquered my fear last semester, but linear algebra is showing me that I didn’t know all that I thought I did. Can I still pull a salvageable grade out of it at this point? I suppose with some added dedication and studying it is possible, but I am sure that facing my exam score from the Thursday before spring break will not be a wonderful experience.

My academic advisor reminded me that I have made it this far, and that really it is just a matter of deciding that I will do it. Perhaps I should just take her advice. Spring break is almost over, I have procrastinated the homework long enough. Tonight, I will get going again so as not to be behind on Tuesday.

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