Monday, February 21, 2005

Snow Shoeing and Homework yet to be Finished

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Yes, on a day that my conscience told me that I needed to be locked up in the Marriot Library working on Computer Science, I decided that I would take off with a group of close friends and snow shoe. A first for me, as I haven't had the best relationship with snow; this trip was a lot of fun. I managed to stay warm, dry, and have a lot of fun. Year round, Big Cottonwood Canyon is just breathtaking. It is no wonder that the skiers love it so much. I am glad that I had the camera along. The set is pretty similar, and I didn't do much photoshop work at all.

The trip provided a good rest from what was a pretty intense weekend. Now it is time to get back to business with the homework. There is a test tomorrow morning, and an assignment due on Wednesday. Things are coming along, but I am feeling the twinges of guilt for taking Friday and Saturday off. Computer Science is a time consuming major, but the thing more frightening than the time commitment is how quickly one can fall behind. It takes constant diligence to stay on top of it all.

Though I feel a bit guilty about the snow shoeing adventure because of the school stuff that is still looming in the foreground, it was nice to fill my lungs with clean mountain air, and rejuvenating to connect with nature and good friends. I suppose everyone needs a respite once in a while.

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