Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Pressure Cooker

As Rich so noted in yesterday’s comments the treadmill of life keeps going. Though, I would really appreciate it if the pace would ease up for the next couple of miles. The cold was back in full force today. Not in the form of a sore throat, but it sure turned on the snot tap. I am ok as long as there is a box of tissue near by. I took the day off work today, in hopes of being able to catch up on the school, and nurse myself back to health. It seems that neither fate was totally in the cards. I did manage to get some studying done for my math exam tomorrow; I also spent a great deal of time working on an assembly assignment.

I am running out of time. I just don’t know how I am going to find more of it. I think that I need to get at least 6 hours of sleep to be able to function. My math tutor says that I should be studying 15-16 hours a day! How does one work and do that at the same time?

It seems I only have more questions right now.

From my software practice lecture yesterday:

-Develop a “do it right the first time” mentality -- helps your employer and saves your sanity
–-Gets you into the zone where development is the key, not testing, debugging, maintaining
-Painful, maybe, but this class is taking you out of your comfort zone and giving a view of what it’s like to develop software in the “real world”. How does it feel?

Honestly, it feels horrible. There is a rush that is coming along with the pressure, but if I don’t thrive this will kill me. I just want to do well and prove that I can do this stuff. Never did I expect it would be so “uncomfortable”. As a QA/tester in the “real world”, nothing I have faced in the workplace is like what I am facing at school right now.

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Hamm said...

15-16 hours a day studying is ludicrous, some people dont have correct priorities in life.

anyone who can reccomendsomething like that to you doesnt really care about your welfare. I had an english teacher in high school who told me that to pass her class I had to study 4 hours every day after school...

she forgot I had 6 other classes to do homework for, I also had debate and other responsibilities, I never spent time out of class on her stuff, besides reading a book or two and I passed her class, AND passed the AP exam.

Inflated statements like that are made by people because they think their agenda should take precedence in your life.

Dont fret over it, you can do it all though it may seem tense, dont worry about how your gonna find 16 hours in a day to study math.