Saturday, February 26, 2005

Mental Game

Mentally strained
at the end of the day the list is still long;
problems to solve,
books to read and
people to talk to.

Easy it would be to let it all go;
off into the void of the unprepared.

So one must be careful, attentive, and true
spending the requisite time
to learn the skills of the trade.

Though the hours may be long
the prize is worth the price
knowledge is power so they say.

So though the mind is exhausted,
one reaches deep to find
the will to keep going


Jon Featherstone said...

Wow I didn't know that you were a poet too. So I guess that there are exceptions to the stereotypical "left-brained, hangs out on the north side of campus" kind of kids eh? Good post.

Joe said...

Ahh the "north side of campus" stereotype... isn't that one of the reasons that we spend our study hours in the library?