Wednesday, February 02, 2005

In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning

The classic tune speaks of love... I don't know that I can talk about love right now, but I can tell you about what programming is like at this time.

I am beginning to understand now better than ever before why so many programmers joke about late nights and caffeine. It seems that sometimes you just have to have the un-interrupted time to think and work. It was almost eight hours on one function this evening/morning.

Some of my friends are beginning to finish the assignment. I still have two more functions to go. Hopefully I can wrap it up tomorrow (or should I say today?).

Software Practice is consuming WAY too much time. Somehow I need to get it under control, or my grades will begin to suffer for the deficit in time that they are aggregating by the day.

Surely my professor must know how much time is going into these killer C++ adventures?!?

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Anonymous said...

You can pull it together Joe, Youve done it all up to this point. Trusting yourself is the first step.

Keep in touch too!

a.k.a. Matt
and a few other names