Thursday, February 17, 2005


1:50 PM
I am not near an internet connection at this second, but I am too tired to work on school, so I thought I would blog.

One would think that after 5 hours of sleep and 32 ounces of diet Coke that I would be alert, awake, and ready to go for more school. However, I am here to say that certainly is not the case. Exhaustion has set in, and I think that I will be lucky if I make it through the day today. Still on the to-do list for the day would be two classes, (software practice, and linear algebra) and then the standard studying until 11 or 12. With any luck, I will manage to fix a few more of the bugs that are residing in the software practice debug project.

It is time to get ready to go into class. One of these days here soon I really need to write a more technical entry. I have a lot to say, but time has been at a premium.

3:30 PM
I just sat through the longest class of my life, staying awake was the biggest struggle, and it was even the type of conversation that I would normally like to participate in. I am pretty converted to the idea of project planning and the virtues of UML however, the sheer exhaustion was really getting to me.

Maybe I will get to sleep in on Saturday morning. Just until 8 or so would be fantastic, provided that I was in bed before midnight.

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