Sunday, February 06, 2005

Early to Bed

I am going to go to bed early tonight. I didn’t accomplish as much as I had hoped to this weekend. I don’t think that it is really any one persons fault, though I think that burning the candle at both ends isn’t a good idea. I haven’t felt so good today. I really can’t afford to get sick.

There is a great deal to do in the upcoming week. One bit at a time is the only way that it will all get done.

Week at a glance:

- Math:
Homework from chapter three will be due on Thursday; I will also have my first exam in that class covering chapter’s one, two and three.

-Computer Organization:
Have you ever desired to implement a binary search tree in assembly? It will be simple, and won’t have to balance, but it will be due on Thursday as well. At this point I am glad to know that it won't be the first time I have implemented a BST by hand. It seems that again and again, I am able to refer back to my experiences with CS2010 and the LiSP language Scheme.

-Software Practice:
We have been working on “black box” testing. It would be nice if we had even the smallest inkling about what we were supposed to be doing, but the professor wants us to have “real world” experience. Finding the bugs in a language I can barely program in sounds like a good challenge.

As you can see there are plenty of hoops to jump this week. Throw 20 hours of work on top of all that and you have a complete week. Heaven help me to get it all done, and done well.

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