Thursday, February 10, 2005

Before I leave the library and sleep

I thought I would write about my day.

Just as I thought that I was heading for a nice and relaxing weekend, it occurred to me that I still have a lot to do. Thank goodness, that in my Computer Organization class the professor had the good sense to give us a 24 hour extension. This will buy me some time tomorrow to work the bugs out of my binary search tree that I have been implementing in MIPS. It was comforting to hear the professor admit that the assignment that he had given us was not trivial. He confessed that had he to do it himself it would take some time and concentration. Hopefully I will be able to pound it out tomorrow, and get it turned in.

Regarding software practice, I just submitted my six bugs. That was a total pain. I still think that black box testing in the real world would NEVER be this bad. I hope that I get decent marks on this one. The grading will be quite subjective, as the guidelines were pretty spacey. Next week, we supposedly will be working with the same code—but this time we will actually get to look at the code, this could however, turn out to be a curse. Only time will tell.

The math test that I took today wasn’t as terrible as I had expected. That doesn’t mean that I aced it though. 16% of the exam was wrapped up in some pretty complex proofs. One about proving the linearity of a linear transformation, one about proving some facts about an n x n matrix with various special properties, and one about the inverse rotation matrix. The last one was pretty interesting, I made some of it up, but it looked good. I still have a lot of math to do this weekend, mostly finishing up the maple lab from last week, and making sure that my chapter three homework is complete.

I have a cold, the cough, the post-nasal drip, yuck. I want to sleep. Tomorrow I will face the workplace (that I have ignored since Monday).

The tide is coming in fast; there is a lot to do if one is to not drown. Maybe THIS weekend I will get a stronger grip.

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