Monday, January 10, 2005

Winter Recess Recap

Today is the last day of winter recess. It has been a wonderful 24 days to relax enjoy the holidays, work some extra shifts at work, and to check off items from the to-do list. I thought that today I would write a bit about the break that I have had and the upcoming semester at school.

The break was fantastic, I didn’t get everything on the to-do list accomplished, but I did finish a lot of projects.

Early in the break it was good to explore the world with my camera again, as I made a trip to Elberta, Utah. I also spent an evening in the darkroom processing some film, and making some prints. It really was a lot of fun, I should probably schedule more time to work in the darkroom. I find that the atmosphere is comforting, relaxing, and stimulating.

The holidays were great fun; time spent with family and friends is always a good thing. Good food was bounteous; there was a great feeling of love and giving. It was nice to have the time to get together talk, eat, and have fun. I have found though that I don’t have a lot of patience for board games.

Getting accepted as a full major into the University of Utah’s School of Computing was a highlight. It took me a year to get all of the pre-requisites taken care of so that I could apply for full major status. It has been encouraging to know that I have made this step.

I managed to organize all of my CD’s.
I organized my room. (but now I need to clean it)
I purchased some new clothes. (to go with stuff I got for Christmas)
I did quite a bit of reading.
I spent a LOT of time at work.

I thought about working on a new look and feel for this website/blog, but apathy took over and the thought of re-doing it all just seemed like too much work for one on “vacation”, so we are all stuck with this until I find some time. There are a couple of other projects that I have started, but I am not quite ready to talk about them. It is good though, and I feel really good about them.

So, what is up for spring semester 2005?
I am registered for three classes totaling to twelve credit hours this semester:

CS 3500 – Software Practice (programming in C++)
CS3810 – Computer Organization (hardware and assembly)
MATH 2700 – Linear Algebra

They should be challenging and quite a bit of fun. Learning two new languages this semester will probably be something of a task, but it will be nice to expand my knowledge and ability to program in different languages. Linear algebra will get me closer to that math minor. I haven’t totally decided if that is something I want to do, but it feels like a logical choice at this point in time.

I am going to work really hard this semester to get good marks. It would please me immensely to earn a 4.0 by the end of the next 16-week period. 4.0 is a tall order, maybe even unrealistic, but I am going to really put an emphasis on my education and we will see where it goes. This semester I have classes all day on Tuesday and Thursday. Wednesday I have a single class from 8:30-9:30. That leaves Monday, Wednesday and Friday for work and homework. It will be interesting to see how it everything works out in the end.

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