Monday, January 03, 2005

Why are my HTML Forms so unwieldy?

Still feeling inadequate after reading the article yesterday about what “CS” students are supposed to be like, I decided that I should try to take up an “easy” programming assignment, so that I could add some non-class code to my portfolio. I had a good time working on it last night; in fact, it took most of the evening. I think I crawled into my bed around 2:30 AM. Most of the program works, but there is one major glitch that is still not resolved, and it is really quite annoying.

I decided that PHP/MYSQL would be the easiest and quickest way to bring this little application to life, and I still think it was a good choice, however, I am finding that I really don’t know enough about designing good HTML forms. It seems that every form I ever design ends up being the form from hell, in that it is so large and unwieldy, that programming for it becomes complicated solely by means of the number of variables to validate and keep track of. Here is a form that I am currently working with. I must be missing something, as it really shouldn’t be this difficult. If I find some guts between tonight and tomorrow, maybe I will ask a co-worker about it. You would think that someone who can write sorting algorithms should be able to process a form, but I am having challenges. Any suggestions are welcome.

I am tired, so I think I will call it an early night.

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