Friday, January 21, 2005

Weekend and Lunch Break

The weekend is always welcome. It provides some respite from an otherwise very busy schedule. Not that the weekend isn’t pretty scheduled, the pace is just a bit slowed from what it would normally be. When school is in session, the sad and wonderful thing about weekends is that they provide the student with time to do all of the stuff that there simply was not time to do during the week. This weekend, like most of the other weekends I have had since I started on the road to becoming a computer science major will be filled with of the feelings good and bad that come with coding out a project.

Last night, shortly before I tucked myself into bed, I had finally spent some time trying to understand the specifications for this C++ assignment that will be due on Tuesday. The lecture in class helped a bit toward my understanding as well. C++ still feels a bit cloudy, (much the way the weather here in Salt Lake has been for the past two days) but I feel that I am now to the point that I know what the thing needs to do functionally. I am hardly comfortable with how it will actually be coded, but I figure that with some help from my trusty Sam’s guide, hours of effort, and some luck, things will work out. Tonight should provide me with the time to actually start writing the code. It will feel good to actually start building it.

I am still looking for some really good websites about C++. It seems that so far, I haven’t had much luck at finding something that will serve as a good online reference. I am now realizing how very spoiled I have been by Java is extremely well documented, and it makes the programmer’s job a lot easier. I am sure that with time C++ will get easier.

Today on my lunch break, I decided that I would go peruse one of my favorite clothing stores. I generally try to stay out of clothes stores, as I have a hard time not buying things while I am there. As of late, I have been tying to control my spending, so I carry a minimal amount of cash on me, and leave the debit card and credit cards at home. Because of this new financial policy, I knew that I could safely browse the offerings at Nordstrom today. There were some great clothes and shoes, and of course nothing was on sale. It was just fun to go and take a look at what they had to offer. Recently, I have decided that it is easier on the wallet to shop at Old Navy, and Famous Footware. How I ever used to spend $100 on a tie, $150 + on shoes, or $80.00 on a shirt is beyond me. I like to dress up, and wearing nice designer clothes is fun, but seriously, $100 on a tie just feels excessive. I would rather save (for savings, computers, and life) at this point in my life. And just incase you are wondering, no, I don’t need any clothes. I was just enjoying my lunch break. For the rest of lunch I meandered over to Border’s, looked at their tech book stock, (Amazon does SO much better with regard to tech books) and drank a diet coke in their café. All in all it was a wonderful lunch, a great time to relax and think.

This morning work was slow, this afternoon it has been surprisingly busy. Just a few more hours, and the weekend will be underway.

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