Saturday, January 15, 2005

Reading Day

I spent a lot of time today reading. I am trying to soak up all that I can right now about C++. Though the information in the books is interesting, it still feels really theoretical. I need to sit down and actually try to code something. Usually, the act of coding will help me to learn. The reading has is valuable though, as it helps to point out the obvious differenced between Java and C++. Hopefully that will reduce the pain of learning.

I picked up the extended version of LOTR Return of the King this evening. Hopefully I will get to get going on the first disk as a reward for working on school today. I am interested to see the additional scenes, which my co-workers say really helps to flesh out some of the missing points.

There is still homework in Linear Algebra, and Computer Organization to be done; both reading and assignments. Thank goodness for this extended weekend!

Oh, on another positive note. I found out that Mac OS X comes with a built in development environment known as X Code. It is capable of doing C, C++, Java, PHP, Python and AppleScript, out of the box. I think finding out that tidbit just about made the sale for me. The G4 notebook is looking more appealing than ever.

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