Monday, January 24, 2005

The Best Laid Plans

It seems that even when you make an effort to plan well, rocks will still jam the cogs, and improvisation will be necessary. It is now apparent why the CS department advises that one not take more than three classes if he intends on working part time. The time commitment necessary is simply astounding.

After having spent 24+ hours on a single assignment and aggregating a combined total of ten hours of sleep since Saturday, I had hoped to have the afternoon to catch up on the remaining to-do list items.

Assignment due and a quiz tomorrow in Linear Algebra
C++ assignment due tomorrow … need to chase out the memory leaks
Do my laundry
Computer Organization assignment due Thursday

I had planned on taking the afternoon off, but I forgot that I would be on call necessitating my being present in the office. I guess that means it will be another late night.

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Rich of GTH said...

Hang in there, and I think you are begining to learn why coffee is the nectar of the gods for anyone that has gone to college. :)