Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The Weather

It may still be overcast, but at least the wind and rain cleared out the smog – both literally and figuratively. Last Friday, Salt Lake City was an asthma attack waiting to happen. Though it is still cold today, the valley is clean, and you can actually see the horizon clearly. School feels a lot like that right now. There are still things on the school to-do list, but it is getting smaller by the day. After this current CS assignment it will be down to preparation for finals and taking them.

I have a list on the whiteboard in my bedroom titled “wants.” This particular list of wants has to do with things that I would like to do during my 24-day winter recess. The books I would read, the code I would write, the places to visit, the photos to take, and the time to enjoy. I am looking forward to this break, the way a child looks to Christmas morning. It occurred to me today, that perhaps I should set some reasonable expectations for this break, as I don’t want to kill myself off, I just want to do some of these things that the school grind doesn’t allow for.

I guess we will see what happens.

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