Thursday, December 16, 2004

Time for a Rest

Though it will not be a rest from all things, it will be a rest from formal schooling. I finished the marathon. Sixteen weeks ago I started out on this voyage, and today I can say that I finished the race that was fall semester. I am reasonably pleased with the performance that I gave in my classes, though as I noted on Monday, I know that I could have done some things better. I know that I put forth a lot of effort, and I know some of the areas into which I will need to place more effort spring semester.

The big questions that remain are:

1. Was my performance adequate for me to gain acceptance into the School of Computing, and thus allowing me to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science?

2. Did I make enough improvement in CS2100 (Discrete Math) that I won’t end up taking it again next semester for a better grade?

Both queries have me feeling somewhat uneasy. Number one, because if I don’t get accepted, I am not sure what direction my academic pursuits will take. Number two, because the class was such a challenge in the first place that it would take a great deal of mental stamina and character strength to go through it all again. Perhaps it would be better to not consider the negative. If I did have to face the consequences of one, the other, or both, the bridge could be crossed at that time.

I do not have all of the answers, but I feel that the past 16 weeks have been a time of self-discovery and self-mastery. I have accomplished things that before I didn’t think that I could do. I have learned how to better use the collegiate system to my advantage. I have learned that when I really have to, I can push myself to do extraordinary things. I have learned that there are people all around me that are on my side, there to cheer and support as is necessary. I feel that I have learned lessons in this past 16 weeks that will not only help to make me a great computer scientist, but a better person.

I now have the next 24 days to decompress, rest, earn some money, work on things that the school schedule won’t allow for, and to do all those things that will allow me to have a good and successful spring semester. I am excited to do some reading, to work on this website, to pursue my hobby of photography, and to learn a little bit about C++.

Though the holiday music has been playing on the radio since November, I finally feel like my holiday can commence, and with that, I’ll call this a blog entry.

Happy Holidays!

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