Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Sushi for Lunch

Ahh Sushi!
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Today I went back to work. I have not been to work since Wednesday of last week, so being back in the office was something of a shock, even more so since I was on the second level support pager today. Stories of the pager really could be a blog unto itself, so I will spare us all the pain for the day.

Many of my co-workers are still on vacation. However, the few of us that were there today decided that we would go to lunch. Sushi was the name of the game. I was somewhat frightened by the whole thing at first. I am not a huge fish fan, and the idea of eating it raw sounded terribly frightening. Much to my surprise however, my tuna roll that had been wrapped in seaweed and briefly fried wasn't too bad at all. Yes, I know that it wasn't full on raw fish, but it was a step in the right direction. I look forward to visiting the sushi place again. I loved the ambiance of the place. I had never tried wasabi before today. I was an immediate fan. I really love spicy and hot foods. Wasabi really fits the bill.

Anyway, it was a good day. It was nice to be back to work. Good to work on some goals. Cool to eat sushi.

Still no news on the school of computing, and you already know how I feel about that.

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Hamm said...

Next time you visit the sushi place see if they have a "spider roll" it is one of my favorite sushi rolls, and it isnt raw, it has deepfried crab in the center it is crunchy and excellent. Also Yellowtail is excellent, although completely raw, but once you try your first bite of raw fish you willr ealize that it doesnt taste "raw" at all. The Spicy Tuna roll is good too....

Heck I could go on all day, I LOVE Sushi, actually I would say it is my favorite food, and if I could afford it I would eat it as often as possible...

I have even rolled my own crab rolls and they came out pretty darn good.