Monday, December 27, 2004

Progress on the ToDo List

What a day I had today. Being that I have to go back to work tomorrow, I decided that I really needed to make some progress on the infamous “to-do” list:

  • Take the car for its 30k mile maintenance

  • Get a haircut

  • Get a new wireless card for the family PC

  • Go to the mall, redeem a gift card received in October

  • While at the mall, buy some pants

  • Have a print of one of my recent photographs made

  • Organize my CD’s

  • Buy a book on C++ programming

The list kept me really busy. I did actually accomplish the whole thing. It was really nice being able to use my finger to erase each of these things off of the list sitting on the whiteboard in my room. I can’t explain it, but I find great satisfaction in finishing things. At least I no longer have to worry about the above items nagging at me. I did manage to get some pants that will go with a shirt that I received for Christmas, the look good, and I also resisted the temptation to buy a new pair of shoes. The only drawback is that it ended up costing a bit of money. I have been saving for a while, but I have been reminded as to why I generally stay out of the stores. You see, it is much easier to save and not buy when you don’t go in. I suppose everyone deserves some self spoilage every now and again.

I really want to hear about admittance to the school of computing. The waiting is just making me ill. I want to know. If the news is good, then I can celebrate, and if the news is bad, I can work on getting over it. Again, knowing would be nice.

I guess it is time to go and read my books, and bask in the uncertainty of my education, and buyer’s remorse from today’s shopping spree.

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