Tuesday, December 21, 2004

A Photo Day

Today was almost a standard day. I spent it at work. It would have been completely normal except for the “Day in the life” photo project that I was participating in as a member of the flickr online community. I think I came up with an ok photoset, it probably could have been more concise, and perhaps I could have stayed on theme a bit more as far as telling a story. All in all, I had a really good time with it, and am looking forward to the next time that we all get to participate again.

It is very obvious that my co-workers are ready for Christmas and their vacations. There were doughnuts in the break room again this morning, and I think that people spent a great deal more time than they usually would just loitering around the office making small talk. I am not sure if it is just that people are already closing shop and there really isn’t a lot going on, or if people are just ready for vacation, and are putting off the work. I really am thinking it is the latter.

I think that tomorrow I will only work half of a day. I would like to spend some quality time with this stack of books that I need to read before school starts again on January 10th. No, I have not given up on my desire to re-design this blog, and I have even spent some time looking at how I would go about doing it. I haven’t made the time to actually code it out.

I am still waiting for the verdict on my grades and acceptance to the school of computing. More to come in the future.


Anonymous said...

aesthetically pleasing, but "cold" photographs.

Anonymous said...

"cold" well it is winter, afterall, but I found the photos prompting a wide range of feelings and involvement in the subject matter...