Sunday, December 05, 2004

Learning and CSS

One who is in search of knowledge will never run out of things to learn. It takes so many different areas of discipline to make the world as wonderful as it is today. Daily, I find myself on a journey of learning. When trying to learn about one thing, it isn’t difficult to come across several other topics that would also be worthwhile to delve into.

Six months ago I learned about Cascading Style Sheets for the first time. It really changed the whole way I see web-pages and though I haven’t had the time to really play with them, the more I learn about CSS and its capabilities the more I am impressed. I was taking a break from the homework grind by doing some web surfing, and came across this article. The author makes some an assertion: attractive navigation design without flash or JavaScript, I think it really is a great idea. Most of the modern web standards groups would probably agree. Anyway, for those that find web design interesting, you may enjoy the linked article.

Computing really is a gigantic field. There are so many technologies to use, and ideas about best practice. I really don’t know how current professionals keep on top of it all. I guess it is a good thing that I love to learn.

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