Sunday, December 26, 2004

Grades and Other Doings

It is really time that I be getting ready for bed, but there is something nagging at me to sit down and write a about the goings on of my life, as I have pretty much taken the last several days off. Today, I did not take any pictures; in fact, the camera is still sitting here on my desk where I left it last night. I didn’t pick up my reading either, something about it just seemed too laborious, I slept in this morning, and was pretty lazy. It was a good day to chat with the family, peruse the offerings at iTunes, and just take some time to relax.

Finally, I got my grades from fall semester. I have been stewing about them ever since class let out on the sixteenth. I have checked the website multiple times, daily since then hoping to get my final grades. It was a long semester, and as I said, I could have done better in some classes. However, on the whole, I can’t complain too much. I got an A- in CS2020 (Intro to Computer Science II), a B+ in MATH2250 (Linear Algebra/Ordinary Differential Equations), and a C in CS2100 (Discrete Math). Given my attitude toward CS2100, I think I will count my blessings that I passed, barely. I generally do not celebrate the reception of a C, but in this case, I can celebrate that I do not have to repeat the class.

I learned some valuable lessons from CS2100. First, it pays to get to know the professor early in the semester. Second, attendance of any outside discussion sections can be to your advantage. Third, sometimes the only way to get through a class is brute force memorization. Fourth, you should never give up.

I don’t plan on making C’s a regular part of my CS grading scheme. CS2100 was a bugger of a class, and having survived that league of the journey, I think that I am now better prepared to face what lies ahead. I still have not heard from the School of Computing regarding my application for full major status. I anxiously await any news at this point. Patience seems to be the name of the game. I hope that the admissions committee sees my willingness to work hard. I have a lot to prove to them. I hope that they find me worthy. Until I hear of acceptance or rejection, my registration for next semester is very much in limbo. With my personality this uncertainty is hard for me to endure. Until I hear, I suppose I will just keep doing what I can to keep busy on other things.

This evening I accompanied my family to visit my Grandmother, we all opened the presents that she had purchased for us, and I was the proud recipient of a beautiful dress shirt. I have so been in the need of clothes as of late that it came as a welcome sight for sore eyes. It was good to look at photos of days gone by, and enjoy a moment together.

Of other news, I spent most of Christmas afternoon working on making the family PC work. Several months ago it had a major blowup, which required us to find a replacement motherboard, and consequently, a partial re-install of the Windows operating system. Ever since, the machine hasn’t worked up to the families expectation, so I took to backing up everyone’s files, formatting the machine, re-installing a clean copy of windows and all the other software that they use, and restoring their files. Unfortunately, some of my father’s stuff was a casualty of the format, as not all of his stuff was where he thought it was. He was not the first person to be frustrated by the Microsoft way of saving files away. Apple should be commended for its approach to saving user files. At least back in the dark ages of MacOS, the user could set up a system default where ALL applications would write their saved files, in the long run, I think that it saved users time and troubles. If only the Microsoft world would catch on. (No I am not a poster boy for Apple, I don’t even own one at the moment.)

I think I have more than written anyone’s eyes out for the evening, and having completed my little update, I can go to bed.

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