Friday, December 10, 2004

FireFox 1.0

I tend to be a very habitual person, and like many habitual people that means that once I am committed to something I don’t back down very easily. So, when I changed my default web browser from internet explorer to fire fox last night, it was a pretty big deal. Some forms of change are hard for me. Once I am used to the look and feel of a piece of software, even an upgrade can be a trial at times. It is just such a hassle to have to learn new key commands, find new buttons, and to learn how to exploit all of the new features. If the software is truly a good upgrade, then eventually I will get over the “newness” and be very happy. However, the product has to really offer me something to get me to persevere though the change and adopt the new. Four years I made the switch form Netscape to IE. I found from moment one that I really enjoyed IE. Generally, I didn’t have any problems with how web pages displayed, and it “looked” more pleasing than its counter part. Anyway, I jumped on the Microsoft train and did the IE thing for four years, always downloading the newest versions and have been happy ever since.

As you may or may not know, a new browser based on the Mozilla engine was released about a month ago, and has been garnering support for much longer than that. My classmates at school kept telling me that I needed to make the switch, and though I downloaded it a month or so ago taking the dive and making it my browser was something that I just couldn’t bring myself to do. Perhaps I felt like I was betraying IE, but giving in to the pressure applied by colleagues I took the dive. The funny thing is, I feel much like the guy in Green Eggs and Ham, once I really gave it a try, and its added controls and features sold me on the spot. Tabbed browsing is wonderful for desktop management, and I really love its ability to subscribe to ATOM and RRS feeds. Each time the browser loads, it automatically checks the feeds for new posts, and presents them as bookmarks that are dynamically updated. Yes, I know that I should probably check out a newsreader, and truth be told I did once. I didn’t find a free one that I liked, so I have yet to jump on that boat. However, Fire Fox gets me half way there.

If I were a security expert, I could talk about why many people believe this browser to be superior to IE and others. It has a lot of features that just make sense.

Anyway, if you get a second, you should check it out. You won’t be sorry.

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