Friday, November 19, 2004

A Step in the Right Direction

Well, it is officially out of my hands now. I finally turned in my application for full major status to the University of Utah School of Computing. I need to keep working hard on my current classes as part of my admission counts on the classes that I am taking this semester, but the work of it is all done. I won’t have an official answer until mid-late December, and that makes me a bit nervous as I can’t register for any more classes until receive full major status, so I get to wait, study and pray it all works out between now and then.

Computer Science feels like it will be a good fit for me. I enjoy the topic, and have a thirst to learn all I can about computers, software, and how they work. I have been quite lucky in the last year to have had some good mentors, and professors who love what they do, and love to share their knowledge of the topic. While I always tease about working for a big company like Microsoft, Apple, Google, or EAGames, part of me also thinks that it would be a thrill to teach introductory CS courses, and work at a university as a professor. If I could influence other peoples’ lives for good the way some key professors have influenced mine, working as a professor would be an awesome experience. I have time yet ahead of me, and the first step is getting full major status. The future may be uncertain, but it looks bright!

And now a story of Ordinary Differential Equations:

Last night never ended. I got so worked up over some ODE's that I didn’t quickly fall asleep. My mind just wouldn't quit on them. Over, and over, and over again I saw the problems in my mind. It wasn’t surprising to find out that I wasn’t wrong, and that it was just an issue of me being with it enough to actually see and understand what my answers meant. The problems were really quite simple, but last night as I sat in front of maple, after having hand worked the problems over and over, I couldn’t understand why maple and I were agreeing, but the back of the book was not. I did as best I could to explain the answer that maple and I were getting, and said that I would have to work on reconciling the book later. I arrived at home close to eleven last night, and couldn’t get my brain to shut down until around 2 AM. As a happy ending, at least the professor helped me to reconcile my answe4rs this morning.

Today in a rather sleep deprived way; I managed to attend my classes and learn a few things. New topics in ODE’s, preparation for the next quiz in Discrete Math and in CS2020 a nice lab on Binary Search Tree’s. Thank goodness for the weekend. There is a fair share of homework to be done, but like all other tasks that are worthwhile in this life, I just need to set aside some time to do it. When I am done with my blog, I think I will try and catch a nap, then this evening I should get to work on the whole programming assignment thing.

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