Sunday, November 07, 2004

Ready to Do It Again

fall plumb
Originally uploaded by CodeFin.

Most of the homework is done. I feel rejuvenated and ready to face another week. It was a good weekend. There was time allowed for discussions with family and friends. There was time to prepare for the duties of the upcoming week. There was time to rest and relax.

It was a beautiful day outside today. The quality of the light was just amazing. For November in Utah, I really can not complain. This morning though there was frost on the ground, the light was balmy and plentiful. The plum tree in the back yard does not loose its leaves, and the picture above highlights the light on a single branch.

May the Lord bless us all in our endeavors this week. There are tests to be taken, work assignments to be completed, and visits to make. With some hard work the week will not only be survived, but perhaps we may thrive on those things we must do.

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