Friday, October 08, 2004


There are few things that are better than Friday night at the symphony. One of them is Friday night at the symphony when you didn’t have to buy the tickets. Yes, it put off my homework doing by another twenty four hours, but it was really good. Being able to feed the soul two days in a row is something rather remarkable in my life. Coming off the high of working with the Special Olympics, and then having my employer comp me two primo seats to the symphony really makes for a nice fall break.

There is something wonderful about live music. Especially live classical music. It is awe inspiring to sit in your chair and let the music wash over you. I soak in every note, every phrase, if we had wings to fly you could say that the music would be the wind to carry you, soaring with the crescendos, and gliding down with the decrescendos. The symphony is always a special treat, and I feel especially rejuvenated after attending a concert.

Tonight I had the opportunity to hear a world premiere of a timpani concerto. Have you ever heard a timpani concerto? There aren’t very many out there. I had heard about them once on the radio, and always wanted to see it live. It was truly an awesome experience. It was like all of the best parts of your favorite classical pieces all strung into one show with the timpanist as the star.

Good times. Tomorrow, I promise I will have tales of Discrete Math, and Java Programming. I am a bit over-due.

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