Thursday, October 07, 2004

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What an amazing day I had today. There is something about working on a big community project, and donating time that really feeds the soul. I got to campus this morning at seven fifteen this morning, set up my table and got to work. I made more badges, passed out packets, served as a general question answerer, and just had a great time. I spent more time in the sun today than I think I have in the last six months. It was really quite refreshing.

The vignette for the day:
Twenty minutes before dinner was to be served, I was in the food pavilion helping with crowd control and generally answering questions. This young athlete runs up to me and gives me a high five. She can hardly contain her excitement, grinning from ear to ear she says to me, a complete stranger: “I jumped in the pool, and look at what they gave me when I got out”. She showed me her ribbon. I smiled and acknowledged her great work, and then she switched topics to dinner, and opening ceremonies. As I reflect back on the moment now, I am humbled by the Love, Innocence, and Genuine manner with which these special athletes approach the games, their lives, and their relationships with those around them. Perhaps the rest of us have a few lessons to learn.

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