Monday, October 25, 2004


One of my favorite poems is The Road not Taken by Robert Frost. In high school we sang a song that had been set to the words, as a result, the words have been indelibly written in my heart and mind. I find it interesting to think that whenever there are different paths to take, I tend to think on the words of the poem. Mr. Frost asserts that by taking the road less traveled, it makes all the difference in the journey. This would be true from spiritual, and secular standpoints. That which separates mundane life from the ideal is often an adjustment in perception. Those who are traveling the less trodden road exercise careful judgment in how they see the world. Is the glass half full, or is it half empty? Is the day partly cloudy or is it partly sunny? Two people may see exactly the same situation, and yet, have two diametrically opposite interpretations. This difference is what makes the world a wonderful place. It may not be our position to tell someone which road is less traveled, but personally, it is very important that we choose the less traveled road that our conscience dictates to us. May we all find our personal less traveled roads in order that we may see, feel, and understand that it makes all the difference.

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