Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Homework Evening

I spent the evening working on ODE's and Discrete Math.

When I got home, I found out that the prof decided that he needed to speed up for the upcoming exam. Instead of having one assignment due tomorrow, there will be two. I guess that means that tomorrow, I get to do the assignment that I didn't do tonight, that was originally due on Friday. Thank goodness there is no penalty if the assignment comes in within 24 hours of the duedate. I get the feeling I will have many more nights like tonight in the near future. The downside is that I have no life. The upside is that I will get good grades. I just have to focus on the positive aspect of studying. When I study, I know the material, it gives me confidence and good grades. (yes I know I am repeating myself)

Today in the discussion section following my Discrete Math class, the discussion leader said: "Genuine happiness is figuring out how to solve the fun problems." followed by, "I make sure that your homework is at the fun level, still challenging, but fun, certainly not impossible."

There you have it. Discrete math is genuine happiness, and my homework isn't impossible.

Now just to convince myself that it is true.

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