Sunday, October 17, 2004

Fire Sky

Fire Sky
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I took this picture on my way to the Opera. More on that a bit later, however, the sky was just dramatic and beautiful. The beauty of having a digital point and shoot is that it can go with me wherever I go. What a skyline.

It seems that this weekend I managed to catch up on the sleep debt quite a bit. I also found time to relax at the opera, and to do some visiting. A good conversation with people whom you love and respect can go a long way toward making a great weekend. I am still procrastinating the seven ODE problems that I need to do.

Of the Opera, I can tell you first hand that Aida is one of the most beautiful operatic works that I have experienced to date. What a tragically beautiful story. The music is captivating, and inspiring. As I sat listening to some of the arias, a tear came to my eye. Such virtuosity coupled with a tender storyline is hard to resist. One of the many things I love about grand opera is that they just don't skimp on anything. Sets are big, massive, and complete, the lighting is compelling, and everything is done just right so as to match the power of the singing.

I said that I needed a weekend to recharge the batteries. This weekend was just right. I feel like I have the strength to get back on the horse and make things happen. While at the opera Piper Jaffray had an advertisement in the program. I thought it was quite inspiring. Though I am not in a place to invest, the message was right on.

"The dream, the practice, the lessons, the practice, the sacrifice, the practice, the inspiration, the practice, the direction, the practice ... the concert. Successful journeys don't just happen. They require expert guidance, often they require years of both..."

I think that could apply to just about every section of anyones life.

Here's to the journey!

oh... and congrats to the Utes for winning another great game!

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