Monday, October 18, 2004

Content Bots

Feeling rejuvenated after having a great weekend, Monday didn’t feel so horrible. I still have a pile of homework to do in order to be prepared for class tomorrow, but it still feels like something that I can do, at least today.

A friend told me that the video that I posted yesterday wasn’t working too well for him. Just for the sake of playing around I rendered it in a few more flavors:
100K 250K 500K.
I don’t think that it looks too good in the 100-250K flavors, but I did fix the volume issue, and for those of us with smaller pipes, it seems to work better.

Much of the work day today was spent answering support calls and finishing up a design document that would further integrate program level security into our application area. I wish that security, and convenient could go together in the same sentence, but it seems that technology isn’t quite yet to the point of allowing that to be a reality. I should probably do some research on security design. One of the current industry buzz words is LDAP, but so far our corporation hasn’t pushed it out to the platform that I do most of my work on. I think that if we were really considering this project from the long term point of view we would more seriously look at how LDAP roles could determine what we could and could not do in my application area. Maybe in a year or so, that will be the next big work project.

There is a really interesting blog entry by a man who works for google about web content. It touches on how consumerism is changing because of the internet, which I found to be somewhat interesting. However, the reason I am bringing it up is because in his last paragraph or so he was talking about content finders, a “smart” internet. This concept really fascinated me. The idea of programming a computer to know when some content is “really good” would be quite the challenge. I think that the advent of advanced search engines, like google are beginning to approach this, but perhaps the author believes that we can do even better.

Maybe the solution is just having smarter people publish more meaningful things?

No. That would be far too discriminatory.

Is not the beauty of the web that everyone has publishing power?

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